Sunshine and men in lycra.


Yes, it’s spring so it’s the time of year when slightly over-weight men in their thirties and forties make their way to Verbier in order to ski as fast as is humanly posible down Mont Fort on the longest skis in the world, all whilst dressed as spacemen.

I’s a pretty impressive feat though – and despite the fact that they look a bit odd, they don’t half go fast.

Now, after a good chat with John (Verbier’s only English lifty) it seems the plan was to use the giant ramp – see below – to go for the world record but whether or not they A) have enough snow and B) can find anyone crazy enough to attempt it, remains to be seen.

Anyway, whilst I failed to get a photo of any competitors it was lovely up there so you get some more atmospheric snaps instead… (Apologies for the lazy and slightly repetitive captions).

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