What skis are you skiing on?

Piste – Head Supershape IRallye        Off piste – Faction Prime 4.0

How did you end up in Verbier

I was working in Greece (Athens & Tolon) as a tour guide doing excursions to all the ancient sites like Acropolis, Olympia, Oracle in Delphi and so on. The company i worked for did ski trips as well and they found out i was a ski instructor. I then got asked if i wanted to go to Verbier to take care of their guests as a guide there, Of course I did and i fell in love with the place and never left.

Best thing you’ve ever done

Well i guess being a dad of four kids is up there above everything else but there has been a lot of cool stuff along the way especially on skis.

Top teaching tip

Create a good foundation, your position (how you stand) on your skis is crucial to be able to add other skills, this is something that even world cup skiers keep working on throughout their careers.

Favourite slope in the 4 valleys

Tracouet – Nendaz, 800 vertical meters of pure joy, a wide rolling slope with loads of fun changes and long enough to make even the most experienced skiers want new legs….

Favourite restaurant

Restaurant Le Bois Sauvage across the Four Valleys in Hérémence, great atmosphere and fantastic food to a very reasonable price, in Verbier i love Dahu.

Best place for drink

Pub mont fort, it is the classic after ski place in Verbier, If I’m hanging out with more civilised people (which i rarely do) a good glass of vine on the Vinabagnes terrace is really nice.

If your clients need to see or do only one thing while they are in Verbier what would it be according to you.

Go ski in the four valleys, surprisingly a lot of people never get past the slopes of Verbier. Both Veysonnaz and Nendaz offers some of the best skiing you can have in this area.


How did you end up in Verbier?

After 3 seasons in Canada I got the taste of the off piste and powder skiing and heard Verbier was the place to be in Europe to do that…the rumours were true, the off piste is amazing!

What skis are you skiing on this season?

Fischer curve GS for on piste/teaching and Line ‘Sir Francis Bacon’ for off piste/park.

Best thing you’ve ever done?

I flew a small plane a few times and learnt how to do loop the loops!

Your top teaching tip?

Always look where you’re going, looking down at your skis is an easy mistake to make and throws your balance off as well as lowering your awareness of surroundings and the awesome view!

Favourite slope in the 4 valleys?

Piste de l’ours in Veysonnaz. It’s long, wide, quiet and normally perfectly groomed.

Favourite restaurant?

Carrefour, easy to get to from all slopes with great food and an incredible view from the terrasse.

Best place for drinks?

On mountain: 1936 for its comfy deck chairs and short ski down afterwards. In town: Farinet Après.

If you only had time to do one thing in Verbier what should it be?

Taking the gondola up to the top of Mont Fort and taking in the spectacular panorama including Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.


Thank you Chris and welcome to the team!



How did you end up in Verbier?

I did a number of ski exams in Verbier before moving here. My wife and I loved the skiing and also the life it offers. In spring you can ski in the morning and be in shorts and T-shirt walking by Lac Leman/Lake Geneva in the afternoon.

It was also a resort where my wife and I could both work (she’s a hairdresser). We’ve also just bought a house so it’s going to be home for quite some time.

What skis are you skiing on?

For piste Dynastar Speed Course. They’re my 3rd pair in ten years and I’m yet to find something better so I just keep going back for more. A bit like Verbier.
I need to buy another fat pair, to cope with all the snow we will get this winter!

Best thing you’ve ever done?

A safari in Tanzania. Watching the sun rise over the Serengeti, looking down on the Ngorongoro crater, being woken by Zebra eating outside our tent. There are so many amazing memories from that trip.

What is your top teaching tip?

For beginners – get as fit as you can and work on increasing leg flexibility before you come on holiday. It will make a huge difference to your progress in your first week.
For everyone – tune in to your feet. Shifting your weight from your little toe to your big toe, from the ball of your foot to your heel. These seemingly small movements can make huge differences to your performance. Practice these movements (even off snow) to get used to what these small adjustments feel like.

Favourite slope in the 4 Valleys?

Gentianes red down into La Chaux. On a quiet day it’s great for fast long turns.

Favourite restaurant?

Carrefour. I could eat the Rosti Creblet every day. Dahu wins for choice though.

Best place for drinks

Everyone has already mentioned all the usual places but I think Relais de Neige (for apres fun) and Vie Montagne (for something a bit less lively) will be treading on some toes this season.

If your clients need to see or do only one thing while they are in Verbier, what would it be according to you?

The top of Mont Fort is spectacular. It’ll look even more amazing this year due to all the snow that is forecast!
There’s also a great new hair and beauty salon 😉 (The Chapel) on the Route de la Poste where you can pamper yourself (hair, nails, massage).


Thank you tom and hope you and wifey have a great season!


How did you end up in Verbier?

Just as Rich said …….(Ginas husband)

We met race training, I was running a chalet company in France, Rich was working in USA at the time, we wanted to do a season together and neither of us had been to Verbier but we had heard good things!!

What skis are you skiing on?

Fischer RC4 for piste
Idris Chamois for most other things!!

Best thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve been lucky enough to do some amazing traveling around the world but in March I became a mum and it’s an exhausting rollercoaster but definitely the best thing in the world!!

Top teaching tip?

Well we have had some great tips so far in the other interviews, but mine would be to…..Enjoy your self! Skiing is ment to be fun. Smile look, at the view, enjoy the sun and vin chaud! But everyday do something that challenges you and you will improve!!

Favourite slope in the 4 valleys?

Vallon d’Arbi, you feel like your away from the hussle and bustle of a ski resort!

Favourite restaurant?

Carrefour rosti or steak defo!

Best place for drinks?

Loft to chill, especially in spring on the terrace, in the sun!

If you’re clients need to see or do only one thing while they are in Verbier what would it be according to you.?

It’s been said before but definitely get to top of Mont Fort! That view is amazing, I never get bored of it!!!


Thank you Gina and hope you have a great season!