The 4 Valleys is back


It’s been bumpy ride for the four constituent parts of the 4 Valleys, but after discovering this summer that the whole network had fallen apart we have just heard it’s all back together again and everyone is friends…

So, the summary is this:

TeleVeysonnaz and TeleVerbier argued about how revenue was distributed from the sale of 4 Valleys lift passes. The result was that in the summer the area was – for a while at least – resigned to history and we saw the end of the largest ski area in Switzerland.

Sad times.

Verbier said it would go it alone, Nendaz and Veysonnaz formed an alliance, and they said a few rather aggressive things in press releases – no doubt it was even worse behind closed doors.

But, according to Swiss newspaper La Nouvellist the whole thing has been resolved after a local politician, Jaques Melly, intervened and offered to mediate.

Well, I don’t know what he said, but it worked.

Here’s the translation of the article:

An agreement was signed by all the partner companies to extend the ski area of ​​4 Valleys.

A statement from the canton of Valais, the ski area of ​​4 Valleys is renewed. An agreement was signed to this effect by all partner companies. They also agree to strengthen their cooperation.

Mediation conducted by State Councilor Jacques Melly to find an agreement between the partner companies has resulted in the signing of an agreement between all societies.

Aware of the importance of finding a solution for the operation of the 4 Valleys destination at the dawn of the next winter season, the four partners Téléverbier, Télé-Nendaz, Téléveysonnaz and Télé-Thyon companies decided to extend the validity of the current agreement for a period of 18 years.

The partners have also committed by agreement to strengthen collaboration. Discussions will continue in the coming months for this purpose.


>> Speak french? Well have a look here…

What next?

Well, we’re waiting for more news and confirmations but the Nouvellist is pretty reliable and if it’s confirmed as true and for 18 years, we can all take a big sigh of relief and start planning for winter…

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An update (about an hour after posting our article)

The story has just been updated on the Nouvellist website and they say there has been “financial compensation” to the CEO of TeleVeysonnaz for “pre-emptive rights not respected” and something about making “objections” to work on the L’Ours cable car.

No, we don’t know that means either, but it’s another bit of intrigue…

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