The big thaw..!!


Well, considering that we may have had the coldest season that I can remember, it’s now seriously warmed up. Now that may sound like the best thing since sliced bread but in actual fact it can be pretty bad. As soon as the weather warms up the top layer of snow starts to melt. This, in turn, makes the snow unstable and vulnerable to avalanche.

The south facing slopes are particularly susceptible. This is then compounded by rain (that would normally be snow) that has been falling up to 2500m today.

Regardless of your experience you should always be cautious when the weather warms up and it rains above 2000m. Always check the avalance danger on the local resort website or on the National Bulletin.

The picture below is from yesterday on the face if Creblet and Col des Mines. This is always susceptible to avalanches.

Every lift in Verbier was closed today other than the Rouge drag lift. Pretty bad day but the temperature is expected to fall a little over the next few day, so it should stabilise the snow a little. All is not lost



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