The failed trip to La Chaux


Yes. La Chaux. I mean it’s always sunny isn’t it? Nice open pistes in the winter, always time for a cheeky coffee on the terrace at Dahu, Bec des Roses towering over you and blazing sun. You can even nip up to Col des Gentianes on the Jumbo to look at the spectacular view.

Well, I thought it was a good idea, so we hopped on the lift and headed over. Where it was as cloudy as you like.

So instead of going to look at the non-existant view up top we shot back down, got on a bus, discovered you get free WiFi on Verbier busses now (I know, I was amazed too) and went up to Savoleyres. Where the cloud hunted us down like dogs.

Still, it was fun. And it looked like this:


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