The land that time forgot. Chamonix.


Now, before you go through these photos it’s important we make one thing clear.

You see, we’ve all made fashion mistakes, and we all have a dodgy ski outfit lurking somewhere at the back of the cupboard. I had a particularly vile pair of tight purple race pants (with lime green flashes) that could induce nausea and epileptic attacks. And because we have all, at one time or another, owned something truly horrendous, we can spot someone else making that same mistake.

But when we went to Chamonix, France, we were looking for steep mountains, glaciers and everything we’ve seen in the movies. What we didn’t realise was that in Chamonix, the one-piece ski suit was not left in the nineteen eighties. It’s alive and well and usually day-glo… (By the way, the last one is probably the best).

And thanks to Dan, Donna, Sandy, Rich, Ben and Blaire for pretending to have their photo taken so we could discreetly capture the magic.

  1. where is Dangerous Dave the king of retro!!!!!

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