The new lift. And damn they’re putting it up quick…


Well, on the advice of Mike, Tobes an I nipped up to Ruinettes to see exactly what Mike, Televerbier and the massive double prop helicopter that’s been hovering over Verbier were up to.

Well, a lot. And very quickly. Because since 7.30 this morning they’ve put up absolutely loads of pylons, and all the running gear. The top station is looking like all it needs is a cable, some lifts and a bit of snow.

The pylons look ready to plonk that cable and some seats on and start rolling.

The bottom? Not so much…

Yeah, there’s some work to do down at the start, but it’s the big bit where they’ve been pouring concrete and building a pretty heavy duty installation. But that’s enough typing, because we have pictures of helicopters and that’s why you came here.

Plus a video. And if it sounds ‘a bit windy’ that’s because it is. Very. Try 100kph coming off those rotors…

Didn’t seem to bother the livestock though.

  1. Where does the lift go? From where to where? Or is it replacing one of the older ones in Ruinettes?

    1. It’s going to replace the old Combe and Mayentzet two man lifts (you know – the ones that used to hit you just above the boot on the back of the leg) that run up from just across from Carrefour. Looking great and will give epic access to the lower pistes that used to be so slow to lap – and had huge queues when bad weather closed the top. We’ll add more as they get it going. Especially if involves helicopters…

  2. Wow good to see Verbier getting more lift capacity

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