The Verbier Extreme makes a faltering start but a good one.


DSC01417 Yes, it’s that time again – the Verbier Extreme weekend. So loads of people in one-pieces have been pottering about in resort pretending to be the competitors.

As usual it was a busy day in town and an even busier one if you were queueing for the Jumbo lift. But the main event was only 50% successful as the weather really closed in before either the snowboarders or skiers could make it down.

But the drizzle in town wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of the crowds when the presentation was made.

DSC01421 (And you’ve got to bare in mind that Apres was HEAVING so there were loads of people in there and the rugby had dragged away quite a few poeple who weren’t that interested in standing in the rain watching people receive big cardboard cheques from senior executives from the sponsoring companies…)

But – cynicism aside – it’s a very cool event to have in town and the fact that the mens comp is postponed and will return for the re-runin the five days means we might have a rather quieter trip up the Jumbo when it happens.

Anyway, it was all rather good and Mancusso got third. Not bad for a racer, eh?

Oh, and they had kebabs on the T-Bar terrace. What more do you want? I mean, it’s not City Kebabs in Stokie, but they were pretty good…

Finally, to see what on earth the Extreme is and to understand why the guys who do it are pretty bonkers we’ve even managed to embed the video of the winning descents. We’ll ping up the next lot once the mens snowboarders and skiers finally grind into action…¬†Enjoy:


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