Bowling. The miracle of Martigny.


Performance retained the annual bowling trophy last night by a whisker. A very thin lucky whisker at that.

We had storming performances at the end from – notably from Bond and Hetti – but I think it’s safe to say Kent, Toby Olly, Stu and Moray dragged us over the line in the second and third sets.

And the result was we came back from 1-0 down to win 2-1. Cynics might point out we’d drunk a lot more beer and eaten a lot of pizza around the time the tide turned. Who would have thought a drink and a bit of food would prove so effective for the Performance team…

Thanks everyone – especially Powder Extreme who frankly at one point looked like they were going to spank us. Felix, Anders, Ben and Mikey were on fire at one point. Unlucky guys.


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