Today is the day: The Bruson lift, helicopters and stuff.


Yes, things have been ticking away nicely on the Bruson lift, but when we were woken up by a heavy-lift helicopter sometime before 8am, we knew that today was going to be a day that saw a lift go up and meant the sound of helicopters would be pretty constant.

Annoying but the sound of progress – and we’ll never complain about Verbier taking a leap forward.

The great news is that this lift is being installed two months earlier than the Mayentzet lift was (September 24th, if memory serves) and that was running by Christmas. So this is really encouraging and we should be able to have a go as soon as Bruson is operational – perhaps a little before.

Of course, cynics would say that a lift to Bruson that’s twice the capacity of the bubble that it meets (between Chable and Verbier) is going to cause problems… But for now we think it’s amazing and look forward to our first trip up in it.



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