Verbier is open


With a fairly hefty dump of snow last week The Powers That Be at Televerbier decided that this weekend would be the opening weekend of the season, and true to their word they opened up Lac des Vaux this morning.

So, because we knew that you’d want to know, we went up for a slide around and got some pretty epic photos. Not that the photography itself was epic, but the subject matter certainly was.

In a change to seasons gone by they opened both of the Lac des Vaux lifts and as there weren’t really any crowds, there wasn’t a queue at all. That said I imagine there were hefty queues of people scrambling to buy lift passes this morning.

The base is pretty good and although in places it’s a little agricultural it’s a great start – and to be fair, the ricks are almost entirely on the Ruinette side which isn’t open yet, and judging by the holes in the base of my skis it’s not a trip I’d repeat before the next snowfall (which should be this week, since you’re asking…).

But enough waffle, here are a load of photos. And a video of nothing in particular. Enjoy.

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