Snow (finally) and Mike thinks he’s spotted a look-alike.


Yes, after warmer weather that saw all the snow we had two weeks ago disappear, and after a soggy few days it’s finally snowing up at Lac des Vaux again.

But the biggest reason that we know winter is coming is that the Pub Mont Fort opened up last night, which always feels like the starting point of the season.

I think the thing about early season is that we’ve been rather spoilt for the past three seasons, and we almost expect to be up skiing the first weekend of every season as if that’s normal. We forget that in seasons before these last three, we might not have had anything open until December. It’s unusual to have the whole place already up and running in November.

Speaking of unusual, the final bit of news concerns Mike – he just sent me a picture of one of the piste machines and is convinced it looks like that annoying Hello Kitty thing that all the kids go mad for. Thoughts? We think he might simply have spent too long up the hill fixing lifts on his own – it gives the mind time to wander you see…

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