Verbier Xtreme – the winning runs


After a little bit of a delay due to bad weather the Verbier Xtreme kicked off yesterday morning and didn’t disappoint.

It’s a funny situation when the competition is delayed – normally there’s all sorts of events and stands in town and it completely takes over, but the delay seem to lead to a more chilled out vibe and that’s certainly not a bad thing (last time it happened Gareth and I got to meet Glen Plake at the Fer a Cheval, which is unbelievably cool if you’re a skiing geek).

That said the Freeride World Tour estimate 8,500 spectators watched and 40,000 watched the live stream online. So don’t go thinking it wasn’t a big event…

But after the heavy snow last weekend and the promise of blue skies the decision was made to run the event and see the best skiers and snowboarders in the world take on the most impossible piece of rock you can imagine – the famous Bec des Rosses.

As usual the event was impressive and terrifying in equal measure, but when the results came this is who the judges chose…

Xtreme Verbier Winners

Ski Men: Reine Barkered SWE, 93.25 points
Snowboard Men: Ralph Backstrom USA, 77.75 points
Ski Women: Pia Nic Gundersen NOR, 83.50 points
Snowboard Women: Elodie Mouthon FRA, 72.25 points

Freeride World Tour Champions 2014

Ski Men: Loïc Collomb-Patton FRA
Snowboard Men: Emilen Badoux SUI
Ski Women: Nadine Wallner AUT
Snowboard Women: Shannan Yates USA

And what does it look like? It looks like this…


Reine Barkered’s winning run:

FWT14 – Run of Bib #4 Reine Barkered SWE… par FreerideWorldTourTV


Ralph Backstrom’s winning run:

FWT14 – Run of Bib #3 Ralph Backstrom USA… par FreerideWorldTourTV


Pia Nic Gundersen’s winning run:

FWT14 – Run of Bib #3 Pia Nic Gundersen NOR… par FreerideWorldTourTV


Elodie Mouthon’s winning run:

FWT14 – Run of Bib #2 Elodie Mouthon FRA… par FreerideWorldTourTV

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