We was robbed.


Well, actually that’s not true. But last night was the annual Powder Extreme v Performance Bowling Night and the end result was a disappointment to say the least.

That’s not because we mind losing, it’s just Felix will gloat for the entire summer about this…

So, we all trotted to Martigny with high hopes despite a depleted team as Kent, Martin, Toby and Gus were all missing due to ‘prior commitments’. We think they just couldn’t handle the pressure.

But it was a great night, Performance once again reverted to the ‘lager + pizza = high scores’ theory. Which wasn’t entirely successful. Powder Extreme, led by the irrepressible Felix, took it all very seriously. Well, except for Seb and Ben.

And it looked like this – the rematch will happen soon and we shall be bringing the A-Game next time Felix, you have been warned…

(Oh, one more thing, does anyone else think that drinking coffee during a bowling competition is, well, a sign of weakness?)

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