We’re not open. And it’s not snowing. But this is dead good.


Yes, it’s gone a bit quiet on the precipitation front in Verbier. We had that snow the week before last, and then we went to the Ski Show in London, and when we got back, well, there wasn’t any snow in town.

Now, that’s normal, after all we’ve got a bit used to the amazing early snow of the last few years and have perhaps forgotten that we’ve had winters in the last five years where people have been happily playing golf at the start of December. So it’s the end of October and we’ve had two nice big, early falls. But now it’s quiet.

If this was a Western we’d all be saying it’s too quiet and we should get the wagons in a circle. Or something like that.

Anyway, to take your mind off the snow, and to give you a little dose of stupidity, we thought you might like to see the latest GoPro video…

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