Winter is over rated. Try spring instead…


Yup, it’s spring. And yes it’s not freezing. And snow falls are a distant memory. But does this mean we can’t go skiing? Hell no. Because spring skiing is arguably the best time of year – it’s too icy to bother getting up early, it’s great midday-ish, and by mid-afternoon we can all knock it on the head and get the lift down.

Beyond that, we all know (if you’ve done enough seasons) that just when you switch off and start wearing flip flops, then the weather turns and it throws down a few feet of snow. So let’s enjoy the sun and wait for winter to make a last minute cheeky appearance…

(PS is you read that there’s no snow in the Alpes, take it with a pinch of salt – yes, below 2000m it’s a bit iffy, and south facing resorts are in trouble, but nice high north facing resorts like, oh, I don’t know, Verbier, are holing up rather well).

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