Bruson update.


After the sheer joy of seeing the pylons flown into place by a massive helicopter, the rest of the development of the Bruson lift was bound to be moderately anticlimactic.

But we can now confirm the roof is on, the cable has been installed and we will soon need to ask somebody who knows about these things exactly what remains to be done. Because in my book if you’ve got a load of pylons with a cable hanging off it, you just attache a few lifts and we’re off. This could also be why I’m not involved in the build.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Bruson lift – or familiar with Bruson – the lift is going to join the Verbier lift network via Le Chable – the village in the valley – giving us high speed access from Verbier across to the small satellite resort of Bruson.

Bruson has been the locals’ favourite secret for years, but due to the slow access (it used to take a lift a bus and then a very, very slow chair to get across) it’s always been very quiet, even in high season. So whilst the new link will mean Bruson doesn’t stay a secret any more, it does mean we’ll have a very quick access to some fantastic terrain – something which will be good news for skiers and ski instructors alike. You can see what we’re talking about here, when Guy, Rich and Sophie went for a bit of adventure skiing over there in 2012.

So keep an eye out and I’m pretty sure that as soon as they open the lift, we’ll be up there to check it out…

PS Thanks very much to Laura for the pics.

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