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When can they start skiing, what is the best age, what equipment should they have, how do i dress them, what if they need a pee in the middle of the ski lesson, and many other things you have wondered about when going on a ski holiday?

Here is some advice from the experts.


What age can my child start skiing?

Three years old is usually a good age to start the little ones. But it is good to know that it differs from child to child, some children might have to wait a little bit and some kids will just fly down the slopes.


What do I do if my child is upset and crying at ski school drop off and doesn’t seem to want to go skiing?

We have seen many examples of how parents deal with such situations – some deal with it better than others.

For example we have seen everything from parents skiing next to their child for the entire lesson, to the parents who just drop them off and disappear with out even saying hello.

We would suggest somewhere in between…

For the first lesson it is best if the parents stay for a little while to help ensure a smooth introduction between their child and the instructor. For this to happen we ask that when the lesson begins they watch without being seen.

There are some children who will continue to cry at drop off for the duration of the booking, but please rest assure that the tears are short lived and as soon as the the lesson gets underway it is all smiles, skiing and hot chocolate

And let us not forget about those equally as nervous and worried parents as they send there little skier of for the first time. In some cases it may well be the first time parents leave their kids to any third party, so of course we understand that they want to be involved in the whole thing.


What do you do if a child gets upset in the middle of the lesson?

If children gets upset in the middle of a lesson we comfort them, of course, but we also try to encourage them and to build there confidence for the next lesson.


How do you teach the youngest children to ski?

With the youngest children (3-4 years) it is mostly about play and having fun on the snow. We aim to do this with the skis on as much as possible, but we  usually need to mix it up. This is especially true for the first few lessons were we focus on a lot of games to build trust and build basic skills. With the youngest skiers it is all fun and showing them the movements as they are incredibly good at imitating and copying.


How many kids do you recommend with one teacher?

For the youngest kids, the 3 year olds, maximum 2 in a group.

If the kids are between 4-6 years old you can have up to 3-4 kids in a group.

Older kids can usually handle being 5-6 in a group as long as they are of similar level.


How much skiing can kids do in a day? Is it enough with a morning lesson or can they ski all day?

This varies from kid to kid but from 7 years and up most kids can do a full day. The instructor will make sure they get a little refuel between lunch and the end of the day and that usually does the trick.


Should they wear thick sweaters, several thin shirts, fleece or wool cardigan, overalls or two piece. How do i dress the kids so they are warm, but comfortable when they hit the slopes?

Basic rule: No cotton closest to the body. It gets damp when you get sweaty and consequently makes the children cold. This goes for ski socks as well, Make sure they wear really high ski socks that will go over the edge of the boot.

Don’t put to much clothing on your child, they are working hard and moving a lot -they will get hot! Also, keep in mind that just because there is snow out there doesn’t mean its freezing. Instructors often see kids wearing clothing that would be enough for 20 degrees below zero! … But it’s April, zero degrees and the sun is shining.

Overalls are practical and often cheaper. Fleeces are great as they are warm, quick drying and easy to take off if it gets too hot. Another good tip is to buy good quality mittens and a thin balaclava to wear under the helmet, a hat is usually to bulky.

If you follow these simple guidelines both you and your children will have the best holiday ever, and you will have created a new excited generation of skiers.


See you on the slopes!


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