More action from the weekend in Verbier (and some dodgy colour schemes)


Once again Toby and Kent have left everyone off-snow feeling green with envy by getting some very nice photos of a very nice day with some very nice people in a very nice resort.

Toby has already provided his first instalment of photos which we put up yesterday, and they looked stunning. Just don’t tell him I said that.

And crucially the dull laps of Lac des Vaux (yes, even full of the excitement of the start of the season, lapping Lac des Vaux can drive you mad) have been replaced with the full run to Ruinette. Which is a pretty decent trip for a quick ski in the middle of November.

Anyway, they were joined by Tom and Neil (who seemed to be in a competition with each other to get their outfits spotted by passing satelites) and everyone had a rather nice time. Makes you sick doesn’t it?

Meanwhile Gina has already been teaching over the weekend – she only nipped up to put in her first turns of the winter with Rich and next thing you know she’s got a lesson with young Patrick and his brother. But it all went very well and they were happily snowploughing around Lac des Vaux by the end of it enjoying views that looked a little bit like this…



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