Season Update


Well, it looks like we only really have a 5 weeks of the season left. Pretty sad really but that’s the way it goes. After a crazy month of work for all of us sadly we have lost Jenny and Maria (Mackan) to the lure of Svenska. Maria is back teaching men to fly planes and Jenny is off to prepare for the sausage season (don’t look too far into that). The rest of us are left to fend for ourselves. We wish them well, and will see them next season (or April if we’re lucky)

Andy (Snowboarder) is finally getting some work, good effort. Being skiers we sometimes forget that Andy exists – very sorry for that mate. But check out his blog on his snowboarding page. You probably won’t understand a word as he uses ridiculous jibber language (trying to stay young, no doubt…).

Meanwhile, good luck to Becky who’s one of our apprentices in the midst of her BASI level 2 ski instructor assessment. We all have the utmost confidence that she will smash it..! We need a 100% pass rate Becky, no pressure…!

I’m also starting to feel less guilty as my foot seems to be improving so I’ll soon be able to take the pressure off the others and do some real work. This Saturday I hope.

Not much gossip off the slope (that we can talk about anyway) but as it warms up and the sun stays out longer, there is plenty of mischief to be getting up to.